Direct channel and digital strategy

Boost your hotel´s direct sales to the maxs

At Keytel, we focus on developing the full potential of the hotel’s direct channel. Each establishment is different, so we define a personalized strategy advising the hotel on the use of digital marketing tools that will promote it, giving it greater visibility and empowering it to compete with the various different intermediaries, from an advantageous position. We focus our management on a personalized service that consistently ensures that the hotel website is the sales channel with the greatest competitive advantage for the client. The 500+ independent hotels that use our technology and digital advisory services, reiterate our direct sales know-how.



  • Direct Sales Advice

    At Keytel, we know how to get the full potential from the hotel’s direct channel. We work with you and for you, offering daily monitoring together with the hotel team, through product management initiatives. At Keytel, we know that every hotel is different and accordingly we design a personalised strategy, evaluating the use of digital marketing tools which maximise visibility and allow us to compete at the same level as the brokerage. Our personalised service consistently ensures that the hotel website becomes the sales channel with the greatest competitive advantage for the customer.

  • Web Solutions

    A web design that attractively, showcases the amenities and services of the hotel while allowing the user an easy navigating experience. The versatile design allows the hotel to display its uniqueness in addition to being responsive to any device. Our experience and “know-how” as hoteliers, is applied to every web project, focusing on maximizing web booking conversion. Our web proposal includes a content manager, responsible for updating content and images.

  • Digital Marketing Advice

    We’ve got a team specialising in positioning and analytics which includes the following services:

    SEM Campaign Management:
    • • SEO and Keyword Optimization
    • • Metasearch engine campaign management
    • • Remarketing campaign management

    Our speciality is getting customers to your website.

    WeGlobeYou is the tourism marketing agency promoted by Keytel to increase hotels' direct sales. With a portfolio of more than 230 hotels, it offers comprehensive management of the hotel's digital marketing strategy, which includes managing your hotel's social media channels.

    WeGlobeYou will help you to improve your hotel's positioning, visibility and reputation, increase sales and broaden your social impact.