Direct sales consultancy

Increase your hotel’s direct sales with a digital marketing strategy 

Your hotel may be facing the following issues:
  • ▸ Strong dependence on or third-party sites.
  • ▸ Lack of knowledge about how to increase direct sales.
  • ▸ Inability to create or manage a database.
  • ▸ Lack of good online reputation or the knowledge of how to manage it.
  • ▸ Poor market positioning.
  • ▸ Lack of knowledge about how to create a planning strategy that reinforces your sales objectives.
  • ▸ Lack of knowledge about effective ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google or YouTube.

It is therefore essential you create your online marketing strategy, where the following will be key: 
  • ▸ Strengthening your presence on different social media platforms.
  • ▸ Improving communication with your clients.
  • ▸ Increasing traffic to your website, so that it translates into an increase in direct sales.

At Keytel we work closely with our partner We Globe You, an agency specialising in Tourism Marketing with the following strengths:
  • ▸ A team trained in marketing, which is applied to the tourism sector.
  • ▸ Thorough knowledge of market trends and specialisation in strategy analysis and implementation.
  • ▸Extensive experience helping hotels and a track record that has positioned them as experts in the sector.
  • ▸The expertise that comes from working with more than 70 tourist establishments.

Together with We Globe You, we have devised a social media strategy tailored to hotels, which aims to:
  • ▸ Strengthen ties with guests.
  • ▸ Promote new communication channels.
  • ▸ Grow your presence on one of the most important stages for influencing and decision-making when buying products and services.

How will we help your hotel?

These actions will help turn your social media activity into profit, connect with your audience and help you create a fluid conversation that will bring you even closer to your potential clients.

  • Content creation

    We'll create a wide range of content in different formats – including written, graphic and audiovisual – that you can use in your communications.
  • Online platforms

    We'll manage your social media profiles, optimise your website, monitor your online reputation and carry out email marketing campaigns.
  • Content amplification

    We’ll invest in the advertising platforms that will bring you the best results.
  • Data monitoring and extraction

    We’ll establish the KPIs your establishment needs to grow.
  • Analyses, reports and appraisal

    We’ll analyse results and take decisions in order to continually improve.


▸ An increase in qualified traffic to your booking portal.
▸ Measurable, affordable and profitable actions.
▸ Improved online communication.
▸ Enhanced interaction with users.
▸ New clients and increased loyalty from existing clients.
▸ Online reputation management.
▸ Increased brand awareness.
▸ Management of a customer service channel