What we do?

At Keytel, we provide high quality strategic advice and creative solutions thanks to our combination of knowledge, global experience, technology and exclusive alliances with specialist partners. Today, we provide a wide range of services to an extensive and diverse client base, which includes independent hotels and hotel chains, enabling them to influence multiple dimensions of their business, providing agile improvement through close accompaniment by our consultants. As the world’s leading alliance of independent hotels, we work round the clock to ensure that our clients maintain their independence and compete in the best possible conditions in an increasingly competitive, uncertain market dominated by major tech companies.
At Keytel we believe that growing together with your project is the best way to grow

Distribution and sales

The powerful reservation center, Restel has established a position of absolute leadership in the travel agency sector. It has become the essential vehicle that provides hotels with diversified segmentation that complements the direct channel.

Technology and digitalization

With Keytel’s technological suite, based on the most advanced tools on the market and tested by more than 800 hotels around the world, we offer you a set of tools designed to accelerate your business in a fully integrated way.

Direct channel and digital strategy

We understand the strategy of hotel sales from an overall perspective, determining the hotel’s basic long-term goals, adopting courses of action and assigning the necessary resources to meet the objectives.


Keytel has two carefully curated hotel collections: The Prestige Collection and Domus Selecta. In both cases, these quality seals are positioned and recognized today in the “retail” field, allowing us to communicate the distinctive attributes of the hotels that comprise them.

Purchasing and cost management

The Agora Buyer Center brings together the main suppliers, leading companies in their sector in the market. Being part of the buyer center allows members to benefit from the advantageous conditions negotiated with the supplier companies.


We have developed, together with The Power Business School, the leading MBA in the tourism sector.
Our mission is to offer training to the entire tourism sector, focusing on business management and administration, promoting the digital transformation of these areas.

Partnerships and Knowledge

Our experts are in constant contact with the global market to offer Keytel members exclusive and competitive access to the best products, services and knowledge available.