The powerful reservation center, Restel has established a position of absolute leadership in the travel agency sector. It has become the essential vehicle that provides hotels with diversified segmentation that complements the direct channel.

At Keytel, we work to define the most appropriate distribution strategy for each hotel. The accompaniment on a day-to-day basis, through our consultants, ensures that the marketing plan designed for the different segments and markets is carried out successfully, obtaining the best results.

Similarly, we've promoted the creation of a revenue management consultancy that supplements the distribution product and is aimed at implementing a profitability analysis and optimisation strategy at the hotel in accordance with its characteristics and marketing mix.

Keytel Leisure Products



    Hotelius Club is a hotel booking club with a portal and web service created exclusively for groups of employees and loyalty programmes. The Club has 1,700 agreements with collectives and a total of more than 6 million users. Hotels affiliated with Keytel have prominent, preferential positioning on HoteliusClub.
  • Hotusa Groups

    The group travel area, Hotusa Groups, markets hotels affiliated with Keytel, with the aim of providing a wide range of business opportunities and offering maximum diversity of bookings in both domestic and international markets, managing more than 2 million overnight stays.


    Restel Travel is our dynamic package platform accessed daily by over 2,400 travel agencies worldwide to customize and build travel packages. This dynamic platform powered by the latest technology, allows each travel agent to quickly build and book custom itineraries that include multiple services. In addition, Restel is a founding member of the loyalty program WINWAY, whose member base includes over 3,000 travel agents. Upon confirmation of a booking through KEYTEL, each agent is awarded WINS points that may be redeemed for gifts and other perks.

    Restel Hotels is a hotel distribution hub available in 152 countries via a powerful B2B platform, accessible through its API and generating over 3 million bookings yearly. Restel has positioned itself as a leader in the hotel distribution space through its vast network of travel agents and tour operators. Keytel holds total control of Restel’s Distribution Network, which in turn is made available to member hotels. Keytel’s focus is on distribution that is high-value, incremental and complementary to the hotel’s direct distribution channels.

Keytel Corporate Products


  • GDS

    Keytel Central Bookings and its platform (CRS) have GDS (Global Distribution Systems – Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan and Sabre) connectivity. This optimised connection is also backed by the specific accounts management team for GDS, supporting all the commercial actions which the Keytel team perform in order to generate RFP.

  • Business Travel Intranet Agencies

    Portal for professional travel agents, geared towards corporate trips. Keytel is a well-known brand in the field of business travel, which thousands of agencies specialising in business trips have relied on for years.
  • Keytel Events

    This is the specialised section on event programming within the portfolio of KEYTEL-affiliated hotels. The agents advise travel agents effectively when organising any kind of corporate event of diverse natures: Sporting, conferences or special events.




    A good revenue strategy isn't only about changing rates; revenue needs to provide value in analysis and decision making, while also generating profitability. At RevPrice, our revenue management consultancy, we will help you to maximise the value of each room.