The best way to publicize your hotel

Keytel has two carefully curated hotel collections: The Prestige Collection and Domus Selecta. In both cases, these quality seals are positioned and recognized today in the “retail” field, allowing us to communicate the distinctive attributes of the hotels that comprise them.

What’s more, through our branding consultancy RoomZero you will be able to create and promote your hotel’s brand, reinforcing its identity and unique values.

The visibility of your hotel will also be strengthened thanks to Keytel’s presence at the most prestigious international tourism fairs.



  • Keytel Collection

    The Prestige Collection and Domus Selecta. Nowadays, both are positioned and well-known signatures in the field of retail travel agencies which allow the distinctive attributes of the hotels they consist of to be communicated.
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  • Hotel Branding Consultation

    If you like, we can carry out the task of constructing your establishment’s brand through Room0, a hotel consultancy firm specialising in branding. RoomZero offers an ad-hoc service aimed at hotels which want to commit to creating their own brand, seeking to connect with customers through their visual identity and Storytelling.
    Room Zero
  • Attendance at Fairs

    Keytel is present at the most prestigious international fairs. In addition, our sales department organises different networking events to boost the relationships between travel agents and other professionals in the tourism sector.

    Keytel's partner hotels enjoy preferential access conditions to Global MICE Forums. These one-to-one MICE sector gatherings are designed to establish personal connections, generate experiences and create business opportunities between buyers and suppliers from the entire events value chain, and they attract more than 250 buyers.