Partnerships and Knowledge


For almost 50 years, as experts in the tourism sector, you can access market-leading products and services through our partners with exclusive conditions just for being part of Keytel.

Thanks to the volume generated by more than 4,000 hotels globally, Keytel has strategic alliances with conditions equal to those of the large chains.



  • Iberian Mice Forum

    Organisation of one-to-one Industry of Meetings & Events gatherings, designed to establish personal connections, generate experiences, and create business opportunities between buyers and suppliers of the entire events value chain.
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  • Resoluciona

    Resoluciona searches, analyses and processes subsidies for you, so that you can boost your tourism business and improve your market competitiveness.
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  • RevNext

    Rev-next is a Revenue Management consultancy for hotels located in LATAM, whose mission is to maximise hotel revenues. It offers a comprehensive service adapted to urban and holiday hotels and defines the perfect combination of variables that will determine the best net result.
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  • The Good Concierge

    Have you heard about Competitive Regenerative Hotels?

    The Good Concierge is an applied sustainability strategy consultancy within the hospitality industry. They will help you turn your hotel into an asset for the planet, applying 360° sustainability as a competitive pillar.
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  • THT

    THT is the only telecommunications and IoT operator specialised in the hospitality industry. Its digital services improve customer communication and optimise hotel’s costs.

    They offer the most competitive technological solutions on the market, drive digital transformation processes and offer a personalised service to maximise the user experience across all channels.
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    Tuinn is the all-in-one solution that revolutionises hotel management. It provides a single platform to manage your business with the aim of improving profitability and optimising your time and resources.
  • We Globe You

    A good digital marketing strategy is essential to increase your direct sales. WeGlobeYou is a digital marketing agency specialised in the tourism sector that will help you increase your brand awareness, amplify your social impact and increase your sales.

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    A good revenue strategy isn't just about changing prices; revenue management must provide value in your analysis and decision-making processes and generate profitability. At RevPrice, a revenue management consultancy, they'll help you to maximise each room's value.

    Fideltour is a comprehensive solution that helps you increase your direct sales. It's a CRM created by and for hoteliers, allowing you to connect, understand and encourage loyalty in your clients.