Tourism & Hospitality Edition by Keytel

At Keytel, we value education as one of the fundamental pillars for the growth and evolution of the tourism industry. We believe that education is the key driver for the economic recovery of this constantly transforming sector. For this reason, we have forged strong alliances with The Power Business School to develop training programs that focus on crucial areas such as tourism business management and administration, as well as the revolutionary digital transformation of these areas.

ThePower Business School Tourism & Hospitality - Edition by Keytel is an MBA program that stands out for the participation and valuable contributions of prominent personalities and renowned experts in the tourism industry, such as Expedia, IFEMA, Only You, Destinia, Costa Cruceros, AON, and Airbnb. They share their experiences, business models, and challenges they have faced.

In addition, we are introducing our new program, Digital Marketing Tourism and Hospitality Edition by Keytel, focused on the digital transformation of the tourism sector. With this program, we aim to offer cutting-edge education in the digital realm, with the goal of supporting our partners and the industry on their path towards digitization. Leaders from companies such as Wegloveyou, Fildeltour, MeliàRewards, and MeliàPro will be part of this new strategic program.

With these initiatives, Keytel reaffirms its commitment to offering quality training programs tailored to the current needs of the tourism sector. Both our Tourism and Hospitality Edition MBA and our innovative Digital Marketing Tourism and Hospitality Edition by Keytel have been designed to equip professionals in the industry with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully face the challenges and seize the opportunities presented in the current tourism landscape.

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We are proud to showcase our customers' opinions about The Power Business School's master's degree
  • Key training
    It is an essential overall training to be up to date with the latest trends and business strategies. You have hit the nail on the head with the information provided, which is perfect for today's times and user experience.
    Rosa Yañez
    Community Manager at GF Victoria
  • A lot of quality
    The training is giving me an insight into 360 business models with their practical application in the tourism sector. It helps me to understand the parts of the business model from the ground up in a very clear way. The format is totally convenient in my day to day life. I take classes every day on my way to and from work (3 each way). The groups and forums help me to discuss with other professionals about doubts or topics that interest me. It is a high quality training and, for the first time, adapted to the tourism sector. The classes are focused on what we see every day in our sector. I would definitely recommend the MBA Tourism & Hospitality edition by Keytel.
    Isabel García
    Commercial Director at La Finca Resort
  • Addictive
    This MBA is helping me to build a very digitised global vision of business. In addition, the proximity with which the proposed cases are presented inspires me and makes me participate in these great challenges and how they were developed. A real find!
    The format has been very comfortable for me and following the course has been extremely easy. The contents, 15 minutes long, are didactic and almost addictive and make you go through them one after the other. Many times I schedule half an hour of course and end up doing an hour or two. I recommend it 100% to anyone in the sector, or outside of it, who wants to update their knowledge and have a 360º management perspective.
    More addictive than Netflix!
    Alfonso Segade
    Marketing and Communication Director at
    Hotel Ciudad de Compostela